DOSFARM OEM Vitamin C Breath Mint Candy Wedding Mints Strain Fruit Flavors 38g For Wholesale

DOSFARM OEM Vitamin C Breath Mint Candy Wedding Mints Strain Fruit Flavors 38g For Wholesale

Short Description:

Sugar-free, Add natural vitamin C, Without chemical flavor, healthy candy isn’t easy to get fat.

Fruits flavors combined with the cooling of mint, more than 15 flavors, fresh breath and nourish throat, it doesn’t hurt for teeth;Fresh breath anytime, anywhere.

Avoid sleepiness while working and studying.

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DOSFARM OEM Vitamin C Breath Mint Candy Wedding Mints Strain Fruit Flavors 38g For Wholesale

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Product Description


Sugar-free mint candy




Delicious and healthy, good for children





Other Flavors:

Strawberry, orange, watermelon, lemon, peach and so on

Nutritional ingredient:

Vitamin C, other Vitamins and minerals are available.

Customed flavor:


Customed pacckaging design:



1000 CTNS

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Features of our mints

Sugar Free
Our sugar-free mints are formulated with sorbitol as the main ingredient and sucralose as the sweetener.
Sorbitol crystalline product uses corn as raw material, its physical and chemical properties are stable, and it is a starch deep-processing industrial product with a wide range of uses;
Compared with the sweeteners used by other brands, our sugar-free mints has the characteristics of low energy, pure sweetness and high safety, and is one of the best functional sweeteners at present;
Sucralose is low in calories and can be used for people who cannot eat nutritional sweeteners, such as obese patients and diabetics.
Our mint candy are rich in vitamin C. It is well known that vitamin C tablets can promote the synthesis of collagen and have a good antioxidant effect; enhance resistance, assist in the treatment of colds; treat oral ulcers and relieve pain.
Our mint candy use a unique triangular bottle design, which takes up little space and can be placed in bags, school bags, car card slots, etc. It is very portable and you can enjoy it anytime

Our Serive

-We support customization services for mint fresh candy, including custom packaging, custom flavors, custom shapes, custom recipes, and more. We have a professional R&D team, which can customize mint candy in line with market needs and provide strong technical support for you to develop the market.
-Our factory has 23000m² GMP production workshop and professional production equipment, we have rich experience in mint fresh candy production, produce and sell 11.2 billions pieces of candy every year
-We have a professional sales team that can provide you with professional advice and services, from market analysis, product solutions and after-sales service to solve your worries

Certificate Advantage

We have HALAL Certificate、Patent Certificate、HACCP Certificate、ISO:22000 Certificate、FDA Certificate etc. Our products have passed the quality inspection of many countries, health and safety.
The certification we have:


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