OEM Service Private Label Chinese Milk Lollipop Manufacturer

OEM Service Private Label Chinese Milk Lollipop Manufacturer

Short Description:

  • 8 times the calcium of milk
  • Milk powder raw materials come from New Zealand
  • Does not contain trans fatty acids

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DOSFARM Private Label Chinese Milk Candy Milk Lollipop Variety of Flavors 6g For Wholesalers

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Product Name  Do's Farm x Super Wings Co-branded Milk Stick 
Flavor Milk; Yogurt; Orange; Chocolate; Strawberry
Payment Terms TT; L/C
Delivery Time Delivery within 15-20 days
OEM service  Private label and Custom design are avaiable; 

Custom flavor, color, and shape are available

Nutrition Information

Item Per 100 grams (g)
Energy 2020KJ
Protein 7.6g
Fats 22.8g
Carbohydrates 61.6g
Sodium 300mg
Calcium 832mg

*Consumption limit: The consumption of milk mineral salt is less than or equal to 5 grams per day, and the consumption of this product per person per day does not exceed 40 sticks.


  • 8 times the calcium of milk:Compared with the same weight of fresh milk, the calcium content is 8 times that of fresh milk.The content data is quoted from the "Calcium Content of Fresh Milk" in "Chinese Residents' Dietary Nutrient Reference Intakes".
  • Does not contain trans fatty acids.
  • The raw material comes from New Zealand milk powder.

Our Service

  • Offering Private Label (OEM) services, we can produce private label sugar-free mints for your unique candy brand.
  • Develop custom-shaped mints, flavored mints, and packaging. Use natural or artificial ingredients, low-calorie/sugar-free/artificial sweeteners/functional ingredients.
  • Promotional Tools: Provide display boxes, display cartons, shelf displays, banners, or any other tools we can provide you suggest or need.
  • Professional service, professional technology: Focus on producing tablet mints for many years.​

Professional Business

  • Provide samples.
  • The product can be customized, and the outer packaging can also be according to customer requirements.
  • Any inquiry will be replied to within 24 hours.
  • We provide commercial invoices, relevant qualification certificates, and certificates of origin. Please let us know if your market has any special requirements.
  • Affordable factory price.
  • Timely delivery. We have good cooperation with many professional freight forwarders, we can send the products to you after you confirm your order.

Certificate Advantage

We have HALAL Certificate、Patent Certificate、HACCP Certificate、ISO:22000 Certificate、FDA Certificate etc. Our products have passed the quality inspection of many countries, health and safety.
The certification we have:

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