The First Office Skills Competition “Improving Skills, Strengthening Services, and Promoting Growth” ended successfully!

The First Office Skills Competition “Improving Skills, Strengthening Services, and Promoting Growth” ended successfully!

With the continuous development of the information age, our daily work is inseparable from the help of the three major office software. This year is a key year for DOSFARM to move towards high-quality development. The four words of improving quality and efficiency have become the main tasks of all departments and positions. It is urgent to improve the skill level of office staff and improve work efficiency and quality, so the office skills competition was held.

In order to allow participants to further master and consolidate the foundation of office skills, to ensure fairness and justice in the competition. We carried out office skills competition training before the competition. The contestants actively participated in the question and answer, “I have gained a lot, and I am very grateful to the company for providing such a learning opportunity.” Said the participating friends. 



With the order of the host, the tense competition kicked off. Each contestant turned on the computer, tapped the mouse and keyboard, and raced against time to discuss, operate, and organize data with vlookup, pivot table, and if functions. Everyone showed their housekeeping skills and applied what they learned in daily work and training to the competition, demonstrating a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. 

22In PPT Production and Speech, the contestants produced content with clear themes, rigorous structure, and clear dimensions in a short period of time and gave speeches. The members of each team have a clear division of labor and perform their own duties, fully embodying the team spirit. Everyone is a small screw, but they can play a huge role. This is the strength of the team. 


The company also expressed its strong support for this competition and set up a bonus. Fully encourage all employees to actively participate, maintain a working attitude of continuous learning, learn endlessly, continue to develop, apply the learned theoretical knowledge to work, further improve professionalism and workplace skills, and realize self-development.

The award-winning teams were also personally presented with bonuses and certificates of honor by the manager of the human resources administration department, expressing encouragement to the winning teams. 


The successful completion of the first office skills competition of “Promoting Skills, Strengthening Services, and Promoting Growth” has also made a good start for the next office skills competition. goodbye!

Post time: Jul-12-2023